AirTEP folded

AirTEP – Military

AirTEP (Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform) is a dedicated tool for Special Forces and Special Operations.

•  Airborne: designed for any helicopter
•  Versatile: all situations in severe environment
•  Quick: Extraction of a group in less than 5 min
•  Efficient: 10 soldiers at once


Insertion – Extraction – CSAR – Combat Support – Medevac – On ground – At Sea – By day – By night – Watch AirTEP Video


The AirTEP system is used in military extraction or rescue operations, typically when helicopters cannot land.

Extracting people one by one is highly risky especially when times and conditions are at the worst. AirTEP protocol is quicker and safer.

  • Special Ops
  • Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT)
  • Counter Terrorism (CT)
  • Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR)
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Cover Operations
  • Anti Narco Missions
  • AirTEP-deployed

  • AirTEP-deployment-UH01

  • AirTEP-flying

  • AirTEP-thailand

  • AirTEP-military

  • AirTEP-jordan-UH60

  • AirTEP-hostage-rescue

  • AirTEP-hostage-rescue

  • AirTEP extraction


AirTEP unfolded


  • Safe Working Load: 1 500 Kg
  • Weight: 53 Kg
  • Storage and transportation: collapsible
  • Qualification: compliant with airborne regulations MIL-STD
  • Approval: designed and approved for various helicopter platforms
  • Life time: 15 years
  • Environmental Range: -30°C to +50°C
  • Sea-water resistant and fireproof

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